KICKStarter alert! Help me get to RAW!

Me, happiest exploring on photo treks. 

Me, happiest exploring on photo treks. 

As you know, I am jazzed and gearing up for RAW LA. But super nervous because It's expensive to have your work displayed. So, I've started a kickstarter to raise $500, all to go into the set up of my booth, printing costs, and display materials. Every little bit helps!

The event is @ The Globe Theatre in Downtown LA. This is the first Broadway theatre (before Broadway in NYC). Charlie Chaplin pranced around here watching all his favorite shows in this venue. 


It's the beginning of the future I want, not only for myself, but for the community, for my friends and family. The core of my work is dedicated to truth, social change, storytelling, and observing the unobserved. Dreams come true when community is present. I'm so thrilled to be a citizen of this planet, and cannot wait for this stepping stone to allow me to connect ever so deeper with humanity. 

For more information, or to donate: CLICK HERE