Poof! And thus thy website be born.

Today, I finished my website. Here you are! You are viewing this thing that I created from scratch (well from squarespace.com really). I have to tell you that this endeavor has taken me mentally years. But amazingly enough, I sat down and in a couple of hours- poof! done. 

I am beyond excited to begin this blog for two reasons: 1) I get to bare my soul to the world! And if someone hates what I have to say, then keep it to yourself, because it is my blog! Mwahaha... and 2) because I am a passionate artist, and I feel the best way to grow is through experimentation, failure, and collaboration. 

Experimentation- noun (ik'sperement): a scientific procedure undertaken to make a discovery, test a hypothesis, or demonstrate a known fact. 

For me, I have started a new journey with a new theatre company called Pride Films and Plays. I am learning new processes, new styles of management, and making great new friends. The show I production managed, The Submission, was announced yesterday as Jeff Recommended. Yay!

But, I can't help but take a part the process in my head and perform my own mini post mortem... the things I should have done differently, or the the things I should know for next time, followed by the things I did well. It's very hard to find the positives. We as human's are easily seduced into negativity. Learning to be introspective is definitely an experiment in my life, and a life changing skill I'm trying to develop.

The show runs until November 25th. Check it out if you have time: https://www.facebook.com/events/295423920646507/

Failure- noun ('falyer): lack of success. 

I would rather not talk about my failure's, but hey it's my blog. Why not? I made a digital watercolor of my grandmother and sent it to my grandfather, and I guess he didn't like that I made the image overtly warm. I thought I did something nice, but I guess she looked like a clown a little bit. Sorry gramps. I'll play with it in Adobe Photoshop. And thus I'll get better. I can't wait!

Collaboration- noun (ke, labe'rashen): the action of working withsomeone to produce or create something. 

Collaboration is extremely important. I have not always been a good collaborator. There was a time, not very long ago, where I was unable to see past my own understanding of how things should be done, but I've found a middle ground in my life. I don't work well in environments that are hostile, demeaning, sarcastic, passive aggressive, or egotistical. I just don't thrive in those environments, and 2013 felt like it was the never ending roller coaster of shitty people. Probably no one thrives in those environments. But I am probably not as good as some at sucking up to it. 

I am someone who will fight like a tigress for those who are as dedicated, willing and as eager as myself. I am sometimes loyal to a fault and I have a bad habit of saying yes to everything. But I genuinely want to get things done. I want my friends and their projects to be successful. I want people to grow, and audiences to be happy. But I also want to have fun and feel like I'm a part of something. I finally am beginning to feel like I am. 

Anyway, I'm rambling. I'll end on this- I'm excited to have you here, to share my work with you. Please feel free to make comments or email me with questions, concerns, or offers to buy me breakfast and talk about art. I would be most honored to dine with you. 

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