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At an early age, I wanted to explore worlds, meet new people, and make magic. For whatever reason, nature or nurture, this compulsion to explore and create has been the foundation of my ever evolving artistic journey.

Photography came into my life abruptly, without warning. I was having a quarter life crises, one not-so-fun summer, and found this sad, dusty, Canon t2i sitting on my shelf. I needed to get out of the house and dodge my negative mind. I began taking classes at Richard Stromberg's Photography School, and was soon mentored by the late Civil Rights Photojournalist, Richard Stromberg, whom the school was founded by. He taught me that life is big and beautiful if you choose to be brave enough and honorable enough to document it. 

Learning to photograph the world channeled my love of exploring it. It's one thing to have a compulsion to venture into the unknown. It's a completely different thing to dare to give it a voice, and meaning. 

Currently, I work as a full time assistant for celebrity photographer, Mike Rosenthal, and his wife- celebrity hairstylist, Jen Atkin. Aside from junior producing high end shoots and coordinating very busy people's lives, I'm in the middle of writing two scripts, and photographing the heck out of LA.

CURRENTLY SEEKING COLLABORATORS FOR TEST SHOOTS:                  Photo Assistants, Stylists, Hair, MUA, Models.

*MODELS - please send portfolio, when messaging, otherwise, I won't be able to consider you for a shoot. 


  • BA in Interdisciplinary Art and Design & Theatre,  Columbia College Chicago
  • Photography Mentorship: Mike Rosenthal, Richard Sromberg, Richard Katz, Nick Sinnot, Julie Dean
  • Continuing Education in Graphic Design & Mobile Development, Full Sail University
  • Writing Mentorship: Christopher Reed, Jesse Rosen, Matteson Perry

Awards, Exhibitions, & Recognition

  • 2017 Recognized Girl Gaze Ambassador
  • 2016 RAW ARTISTS, Exhibition, Los Angeles
  • 2015 The Chicago Reader, Top 5 Plays of 2014 (The Submission)
  • 2014 Pride Films and Plays Gay Film Week , Directorial Winner - 1974
  • 2014 Joseph Jefferson Recommended, Pride Films and Plays - The Submission
  • 2012 Joseph Jefferson Award (Best Play), Lookingglass Theatre - Metamorphoses
  • 2012 Joseph Jefferson Award (Best New Musical), Lookingglass Theatre - Eastland
  • 2103 Joseph Jefferson Award (Best Play), American Theatre Company - columbinus

Published work


    2016 Voyage LA - LA's Most Inspiring Stories: Rayme Silverberg

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